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The Next Big Thing!

Last week, the lovely and talented Courtney Pippin Mathur was "it"-  in The Next Big Thing Blog Tour. Started in Australia, "The Next Big Thing" is now racing across the globe as authors and illustrators tag one  another- asking/answering 10 questions on their blogs about their "next big thing" in children's books. This week, thanks to Courtney, (whose blog I totally recommend you check out), I am "it"! So here...

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Win a TEA REX Tea Party!

Dear Teachers and Librarians, The fabulous folks at Viking Children's Books and Penguin Young Readers Group, are playing host to me  for a week long, cross country tea party to celebrate the publication of TEA REX! I'll be stopping in for tea and biscuits (and books) in Raleigh, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, before coming back home  for the terrific TEA REX launch party at Changing Hands Bookstore on...

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Tea (Rex) and… Crumpets? Cake? Cookies?

Last month I asked- "How do you take your tea?" This month, with all of the holiday goodies being shared, I'm wondering... What do you like to nibble in-between sips of your favorite brew? I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate! So when my friend Dominique, sent me the link to these scrumptious chocolate dipped shortbread cookies shaped like tea bags... Well, I just couldn't resist- I had to share...

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How do you take your tea?

Milk? Sugar? One lump or two? How you take your tea is a matter of personal taste. You might not even like tea. You might prefer coffee, or orange juice... or Ovaltine. Any one of those would be a valid choice (yes, even Ovaltine). And what holds true for tea holds true for writing  too... Some people gravitate towards writing words of sugary sweetness, others towards words of dark and...

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Tea Rex for Two… Thursday?!

This week is slipping past at an alarming rate!  I only just realized that today is, in fact, Thursday, and not, (as I had hoped), Tuesday. Thursday?! To quote Douglas Adams, "I never could get the hang of Thursdays..." But with a fresh cup of tea in hand, I am keeping in mind two more words by the immortal Mr. Adams, "Don't Panic", and I am here to make up...

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