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Mini Interview: Eric Barclay

When I was 8 years old… I got my first pair of glasses. But I really, Really, REALLY didn't want to wear them. So, for a few years, I kept them in my pocket whenever my parents were out of sight. And as a result, more and more other things were out of sight too!  I can see in my mind's eye, (more clearly than my vision would ever allow),...

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The Mini-Interviews are coming!

The day after tomorrow is November 1st and you know what that means…. NATIONAL PICTURE BOOK MONTH! And National picture Book Month means that Juana, Laura, Mikela and I are back with our annual series of Mini Interviews! This year, we’ve decided to embrace the “mini-ness” of our annual mini interviews, and so, our interviews will revolve around... the “little” things in the lives and work of our author/illustrator interviewees....

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