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Tea (Rex) and… Crumpets? Cake? Cookies?

Last month I asked- "How do you take your tea?" This month, with all of the holiday goodies being shared, I'm wondering... What do you like to nibble in-between sips of your favorite brew? I'm a huge fan of anything chocolate! So when my friend Dominique, sent me the link to these scrumptious chocolate dipped shortbread cookies shaped like tea bags... Well, I just couldn't resist- I had to share...

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Art and Arithmetic

Today’s peek into another corner of the workshop focuses on my Dad. Today is his 74th birthday- that makes him 27,101 days, or 648,270 hours, or 38,894,400 minutes old. And for approximately 12,775 of those days (or 306,600 hours or 18,396,000 minutes respectively) He has been my Dad. That means … That if you want to figure out my age you’re going to have to do the math. It’s time...

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Idle Studio Close-ups Part 1:

I share my studio space with a crazy bunch of creatives and intellectuals... my family. In the custom built 19' x 22' workshop in our back yard there are an extraordinary number of odd and wonderful things going on at any given time. And each of us with our wildly different specific disciplines influence one another, and  the space itself. So, I thought I'd do a series of blog posts giving you a peek at...

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Four Theme Parks and a Funeral.

Time is a funny thing...  It can drag, or race by. It can double back upon itself and make infinity. It can tick by in never ending revolutions on my wrist… on the watch my Papa gave me when I was ten years old. Every time the clockwork conks out I replaced it because I love that watch so much… or maybe because I love my Papa so much. When...

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I am a Book Junkie.

Can’t get enough of them. You might think that as a writer and illustrator, after a day spent in the studio making them, I might want a bit of down time. But no. Long books, short books, picture books… cookbooks even, I love ‘em! And though our house is amply stocked with bookshelves in every room- there are still stacks of the little rectangular darlings overflowing every-which-where! And though the...

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