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TEA (REX) for Two Tuesdays- Take 2!

September 12... already?! Yes it is-  the second Tuesday of the month- and you know what that means... time for TEA! And time for another TEA REX related post and... GIVEAWAY! So pour yourself a cuppa, settle back in a comfy chair, and read on...   First things first- the lucky winners of the first TEA REX giveaway are: Lynn Alpert and Debbie Meyer! Congratulations ladies! You will each be receiving ...

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2 + 2 = ?

The other day I was at the zoo with my boys when another mom sat down next to me and started to regale me with unbidden tales of how time consuming her job as an accountant was. Then, she paused and asked the question any working mother should know better than to ask another working mother... "So, What do YOU do?" ME: I'm a children's book writer and illustrator. Zoo...

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Four Theme Parks and a Funeral.

Time is a funny thing...  It can drag, or race by. It can double back upon itself and make infinity. It can tick by in never ending revolutions on my wrist… on the watch my Papa gave me when I was ten years old. Every time the clockwork conks out I replaced it because I love that watch so much… or maybe because I love my Papa so much. When...

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I am a Book Junkie.

Can’t get enough of them. You might think that as a writer and illustrator, after a day spent in the studio making them, I might want a bit of down time. But no. Long books, short books, picture books… cookbooks even, I love ‘em! And though our house is amply stocked with bookshelves in every room- there are still stacks of the little rectangular darlings overflowing every-which-where! And though the...

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