Did you know that a group of flamingos is not a flock, but rather, a FLAMBOYANCE?


That makes me  happy.

It makes me feel like dancing!


You know what else makes me feel like dancing?

All of the warm and wonderful praise that Flora and her pink pal have received.


They say good things come in threes… and I think that must be true.

In just the last few weeks FLORA and the FLAMINGO has been named a finalist in the Nerdy Book Club awards, the  Goodreads Choice Awards, and one of School Library Journal's Best Picture Books of 2013.


The flamboyance of praise has me blushing pinker than a flamingo!


I am so, SO grateful.

Tickled Pink, you might say…

And to celebrate, I'd like to share some pink presents with you!



In keeping with Chronicle Books #GiveBooks campaign I am giving away:

Three signed copies of FLORA and the FLAMINGO

- AND-

Three signed FLORA and the FLAMINGO "Soar into Storytime" posters!




And as good things come in threes...

You have THREE ways to enter for your chance to win!


1. Leave a comment here sharing: 3 three things that make you feel like dancing!

2. Retweet this post via Twitter including #FLORA

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Enter by midnight PST December 3, 2013