The day after tomorrow is November 1st and you know what that means….


And National picture Book Month means that Juana, Laura, Mikela and I are back with our annual series of Mini Interviews!

This year, we’ve decided to embrace the “mini-ness” of our annual mini interviews, and so, our interviews will revolve around... the “little” things in the lives and work of our author/illustrator interviewees.

After all, little things can make big differences...

But I can tell you, there is nothing little about the amount of excitement I'm feeling in being able to host the work of five fabulous author/illustrators in the series:

Eric Barclay

Keith Campbell

Loren Long

Matt Phelan 


Melissa Sweet

A complete list of all 21 of our amazing interviewees (in alphabetical order) can be found here

Is it November yet?!