One lump or two?

How you take your tea is a matter of personal taste. You might not even like tea. You might prefer coffee, or orange juice... or Ovaltine.

Any one of those would be a valid choice (yes, even Ovaltine).

And what holds true for tea holds true for writing  too...

Some people gravitate towards writing words of sugary sweetness, others towards words of dark and biting wit, still others love to write commercials for Ovaltine.

And again, any one of those is a valid choice (yes, even Ovaltine).

It's all a matter of personal taste.

As for me- I take my tea with milk, no sugar. Though, I never say 'no' so a slice of cake to go with it.

Similarly, I like my writing short and sweet- with illustrations acting as the icing on the cake.

How about you?

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