Hello Everybody!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy- do I have some exciting news to share...

The Mini Interviews are baaaaack!!!

Last year, during National Picture Book Month, Juana Martinez Neal, Mikela Prevost, Laura Jacobsen and I hosted a series of Mini Interviews in which we endeavored to learn more about each other and our work.

It was such a success that we're doing it again! But this year, rather than playing the roles of both interviewers AND interviewees, (because we gab with and about each other all the time ), we are simply playing host to an AMAZING lineup of illustrative talent!

Check out who we'll be featuring throughout the month this November...


Kevan Atteberry

Lynne Avril

Alexandra Ball

Alexandra Boiger

David Christiana

Kent Culotta

Adam Gustavson

Jeremy Holmes

Brian Karas

Kelly Light

John Parra

Greg Pizzoli

Amanda Shepherd

Mary Sullivan

Constanze Von Kitzing

Wendy Watson

Stay tuned for more Mini Interview news!