This week is slipping past at an alarming rate!  I only just realized that today is, in fact, Thursday, and not, (as I had hoped), Tuesday.


To quote Douglas Adams, "I never could get the hang of Thursdays..."

But with a fresh cup of tea in hand, I am keeping in mind two more words by the immortal Mr. Adams, "Don't Panic", and I am here to make up for lost time, and to announce the winners of this month's TEA REX TUESDAY (or in this case Thursday) GIVEAWAY!

The winners are (drum-roll please...)

Diandra Mae


Cathy Bonnell


Both Diandra and Cathy will receive  copies of the F&Gs of TEA REX!

Stay tuned on Tuesday (Yes, Tuesday, not Thursday) for an announcement of what you could win in next month's TEA REX Giveaway!