Happy Wednesday Everybody!

This morning, as a part of the month of Mini Interviews and Giveaways- co-hosted by Juana Martinez Neal, Mikela Prevost and Laura Jacobsen- I am interviewing... MYSELF!

Yesterday, Juana kicked off the week with the first of four "Molly" interviews on her blog, and this morning I pick up where she left off...

When I wrote these questions- I wrote them with my aforementioned pals in mind... and only when we posted the blogging schedule last week did I think to myself... "Oh geez, I'll be answering them too!"   I'm definitely no Barbara Walters, but the questions are- if not as deep as hers-  at least a lot funnier if you read them in her voice...

So without further ado...

Molly (As Barbara) : Your work like all good art, should speak for itself. But, if you had to
describe your work in terms of your artistic influences, you would say its:

Molly: Well Barbara, I would describe my work as: Degas and the Fauvists meet Disney's Nine Old  Men in a Technicolor Musical… with jazz hands! 

MAB:  What influences in your life most influence your art?

Molly:  Boy, oh boy… that would have to be my boys. I have two beautiful boisterous boys who are 5 and 7. Seeing the world through their eyes as they discover everything from                       dinosaurs to ballet dancing is amazing! They are fearless and have the unflinching sense of fairness that all kids have, and that all grown-ups should strive to maintain.


MAB: Of the six fundamentals of 2 dimensional design (line, shape, volume, perspective, shading, color): Which is your greatest strength?

Molly:  Line- definitely line. The years I spent working in animation I worked almost solely in line drawings. That really sharpened my drawing skills, and sharpened a lot of pencils too (ba dum bum ching)!

MAB: Which is your greatest love?

Molly:  Again, Line- it’s the love of my artistic life… I love the quote from Mark Twain: “The difference between the right line and almost the right line, is the difference between lightening and the lightning bug.” He of course said it in reference to writing- but I think it applies equally to drawing. But, that said,  I’ve also been having a love affair with color for a few years now… (Please don’t tell Line).

MAB: Which poses the greatest challenge for you?

Molly:  Oh sheesh… Perspective. It’s my artistic nemesis. It’s like that old joke when someone says to a musician “Do you know how to play (insert song title here) and the musician says, ”No, but if you hum a few bars I can fake it!” That’s how I work with perspective…


MAB:  How do you approach the blank page to begin a new piece or a new project?

Molly: I like to think of each page as a stage, and I’m directing the actors in a play or a film. I always begin with character. Working out how my characters will look and act, and the ways in which they can move across the pages, and tell the story visually.

MAB: How does your medium effect your working style and contrariwise, how does your style influence the way in which you use your medium?

Molly:  I work solely with Prismacolor pencils. They are awesome and they allow me to create really rich and complex colors while still affording me a ton of precise control… which is good as I’m a total control freak in my drawing process…  I tried using watercolor in my first book and it drove me nuts! I’m a hack when it comes to painting, and I couldn’t handle not being able control precisely where the water  would end up on the page. So I chucked ‘em and went back to Prismacolors (which I loved as a kid) and I’ve never looked back. The trade off is that it takes me a bit longer to cover large swaths of paper in color, than it would if I were able to just put a watercolor wash over everything. But I’m ok with that... There is something immensely satisfying to me about the sound  of the pencil scritching away  and the feel of the pencil on the paper… Yep, its love.
MAB: Well, it's been lovely getting to chat with you.
Molly: And you.
MAB: Next up: tomorrow, you can see more of Molly's work on Mikela Prevost's blog!
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