I share my studio space with a crazy bunch of creatives and intellectuals... my family.

In the custom built 19' x 22' workshop in our back yard there are an extraordinary number of odd and wonderful things going on at any given time. And each of us with our wildly different specific disciplines influence one another, and  the space itself. So, I thought I'd do a series of blog posts giving you a peek at some the individual parts,  culminating in zany video tour of the whole workshop.

This week, in Idle Studio Close-ups Part 1, we explore the workspace of...

Ship Shape Steve!

Steve is my brilliant husband, and infinitely better half.  He is also a crackerjack model ship builder, and naval historian working towards his PhD. in History with an emphasis on early submersibles of the American Civil War.  Which explains why I know more than I ever thought I would about ship rigging and ballast. It also explains the  stacks of gorgeous old books lining one wall in the workshop, and  (not that it needs explaination) the  staggeringly heavy, antique diving helmet sitting atop our computer desk as I write this!

So, while the books I make (and read) often use far fewer words and many more pictures than the ones that Steve can be found pouring over- a mutual love of reading is something we share in our shared studio space!

Next month in Idle Studio Close-up: The IT Wits!